752 Cartography Shmartography.


I got a chance to play a 3DS on Tuesday. It was pretty wild. Took a bit of fiddling for me to get the thing adjusted to where I could see things properly, but once I did the effect was cool. Not a game changer based on what I played, but a neat gimmick. The 3d stuff isn’t going to be a big part of my experience when I get a 3DS, I’m afraid. I don’t play handhelds in conditions conducive to holding the system in a very specific way. The 3DS demands a bit too much attention. I usually play portable systems while doing other things. So my focus is divided. Readjusting to the screen every time I look away will likely not work for me. Games and the new control features will be the biggest selling points for me. The games aren’t here yet, but I’ve seen a few on the horizon that look promising. Once they start to trickle in my desire to experience them will increase until I can resist no longer. I’m hoping that between now and then Nintendo will release a green 3DS. I’m going to try and wait them out for a color I really like this time.