753 Gama.


I don’t know why, but I find famous figures of the age of exploration funny.

There is a wildfire blazing more or less out of control a few miles away from here. It is possible that the fire could come this way. You can see the plume of smoke from here. I often wonder what things I would save if it ever came to making that choice. I don’t own a lot of flame retardant stuff. A lot of my books are out of print. In fact, most of what I own can’t be replaced. I know it’s not good to be too attached to things, but it is difficult trying to decide what things I “can’t live without”. If it came down to it I’d save my computer and stuff first. I have a hierarchy of what things get saved first depending on the situation. If I have to leave in seconds I can quickly detach the archives and make off with my content. If I have more time I’ll take that, the tower, and the tablet. Anything past that is superfluous. Given more time than that I’d save the things mentioned, Akira, Nausica, two Batman books, The House With A Clock In Its Walls, my desk books, my dvd season sets, Xbox 360, Wii, and some games, in more or less that order. My handheld stuff comes too, but that stuff is usually on my person so I don’t have to actually think about saving it. I pick it up without thinking. If I had more time than that I would pick out a few choice toys to save as well. My Transformers Alternators, and Masterpiece figures top that list.

If it came down to it, what do you grab before things get real?