751 Beings.


It’s kind of unfortunate that I have no way to access the Internet in the truck. I’m going to be stuck in it most of the day, not being able to do much of anything, which would be the perfect time to answer email and comments on the blog. No sense in being sour about it though, I suppose.

The other day I was at the store and wandered down the make a mess isle of toys. Where things like Moon Sand and Zubber are sold. The kinds of things that get into the carpet and ruin it. Leaving a stain that your mother will never forgive you for and continue bringing up well into your thirties at family gatherings. While there i noticed a plastic bag on a hanging peg. It was clearly labeled as Play-Doh, which you will all, of course, know I am mildly obsessed with. Upon further inspection I discovered that this was being marketed as travel Play-Doh. A soft bag fit for storing in a purse or backpack on a trip. What’s more you get a giant wad of the stuff for a dollar. About the size of my fist. Just under the size of, say, a softball. Enough to entertain a couple of kids, or one idiot manchild. Needless to say, although stated anyway, I purchased a bag for myself. Green, in fact. The color so hard to come by before now readily available, and cheap. The stuff is super mushy and sticky though. I guess so that it will be nice and soft on the shelves. It takes a while for it to get to a point where you can get it off your hands.

Each bag comes with a little shape cutter made of plastic, and the stuff was so sticky I couldn’t get enough off so I could stamp a little tree out of it. My assumption is that each color comes with an appropriate cutter. Green is a tree. I can only imagine what sorts of things will come with other hues. Some of the available colors were a little surprising as well. Silver is an option. Or maybe gray is more accurate, but the bag somehow gave me the impression of being filled with a more metallic version of it.

It actually took me a moment to figure out how you ascertain the color of the contents, because the first bags I saw were yellow, and the better part of the bag graphics are yellow. To my eye it looked as if the bags were simply yellow and you had to guess what you got. In fact, I don’t think the actual color is named anywhere on the bag. Although, assuming you look at any color than yellow, and are not colorblind, the color of the contents becomes quite clear.

I find worrying Play-Doh in my hands very soothing. Silly Putty has a similar effect, and is more easily transported, but it is not as forgiving as Play-Doh. Play-Doh also leaves you with that distinct odor on your hands. I’m not sure if that goes in the plus or minus column socially speaking. I can’t really think of anyone who hates the smell of it, and I don’t think I’d like to know such a person anyway.

I think the world might be an easier place to live in if adults had easy access to Play-Doh.