750 Excellent Hearing.


You know how sometimes everyone tells you that you should see a movie, but either you don’t like the people, or don’t like the hype, or the look of the film in question? So you don’t see it for years and years and people are always shocked that you haven’t seen it? The Big Lebowski was one of those movies for me. I went for all this time being told that I needed to see it because it reminded people of me. After having seen it I’m almost insulted by the comparison. Which is not to say that it’s a bad movie. It’s kind of fun in its way. Dom Irrera is even in it briefly. Perhaps I’m just sour because there’s no way any movie could have lived up to 12 years of hype. In any event I didn’t feel like I had wasted hours of my life that I’d never get back after having seen it, so that’s something.

What movies are like this for you guys? Are there still movies you “should” have seen by now? Like, have you never seen The Godfather and people always gasp audibly when you say so? Or maybe Star Wars, and you’re a nerd, so you don’t have that key point of reference in social situations. Tell me your tales.