740 Everything’s Cool.


I considered doing this page with no text for a while.  In the end, however, I decided that it was better if you could “hear” the crazy inside Jo.  A friend of mine said it sounded like Frank Miller when he read it.  I thought it was a little like Rorschach in The Watchmen, but more than anything else it sounds like someone reacting to a panic attack.  At least that’s how I experience it.  In some ways Jo drew the short straw of character creation, ’cause she ended up with a lot of my crazy.

I was going to talk a little more about Xbox related stuff, but I haven’t really played enough of anything else to speak at length.  I’m saving Final Fantasy till a gaming dry time and War For Cybertron.

I’ve been looking at other games for potential future gaming though.  Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age,  and Spiderman spring to mind as possibilities.  I understand that Mass Effect is by Bioware?  At least I think that’s the right name.  In any case if it’s as good as KOTOR then it’s probably worth a try.  Red Dead sounds like a good cowboy sandbox to play in.  Dragon Age I’ve not heard much about, like what kind of game it is.  It just looks like it might be cool  I’ve seen trailers for the sequel that made me want to find out more.  The Spiderman one is just in there because the old Spiderman games were good and it looked like the new one might be divorced from the movies enough to make it worth looking into.  There’s also that Castlevania game that came out a while back.

There’s also at least one DS game I’m thinking about tracking down.  It’s called Radiant Historia.  Apparently you can play through multiple potential outcomes and explore alternate dimensions until you hit upon the perfect outcome for the game.   It’s neat looking.  I hope they put a demo on the Wii service.  The woefully underused Wii service…

Ghost Trick looks neat, but it also looks like a one time play kind of game.  Kind of like Phoenix Wright.  Definitely the kind of game I’d try to get as it fades into obscurity.

There’s actually a PSP game I want to get.  Which is become ever more of a novelty.   I think it’s called Tactics Ogre.  I saw it in a store, but didn’t get it as Pokemon was coming out before long.  It strikes me as a game I’m going to have to get before it fades though.  I haven’t seen it in any place but a Gamestop or online.  I do enjoy a tedious grid RPG when a decent one comes along.  Apparently this one is a remake of a critically acclaimed game.

I saw Kirby’s Epic Yarn in a clearance bin and was tempted, but I’m not sure it’s for me.  I do like platforming, but for the most part I don’t like Kirby games.  It’s my understanding that he was stuck in the game after the fact to give the title a popular face to help sales.  Maybe it doesn’t play like a Kirby game.

At this point I’m being kept entertained by Pokemon and Batman alternately.  They should keep me entertained for a while longer.  Especially since I went into Pokemon having seen almost no information.  I’m playing it blind essentially.  I missed out on the Celebi you could get at gamestop, but I got the legendary dogs.  So I can unlock at least some hidden junk.

That’s all I can think of at this point.  I’ll keep you all posted though.  I know you’re dying to hear the intricacies of my goofing off.