741 Sans Pants.


You know, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, haven’t done a lot for me over the years. Apart from making me worry about stuff, but Japan is different. Even before I knew what Japan was it’s been making my life better. The Japanese are responsible, in some part, for almost everything I like most; from Transformers to Pokemon. The room I’m in right now is covered in Japanese stuff. The images of destruction there break my heart. It’s not a lot, but I’m going to give a week of advertising earnings to the Red Cross, or whatever charity seems to be the best.  Maybe when I have it calculated I’ll post it so people can match it if they want.  This is old news to those of you who follow me on DA & FA.

If you guys have any data concerning what the best charity to help Japan with is please let me know.  It’s all very complex and annoying.