718 Burn Notice.


I have to say, after many of the comments about The Birds, I am much more afraid of a coordinated bird attack then ever before in my life. Hopefully they will never organize. Their birdlike nature may just be a front that they’ve been using to lull us into a false sense of security…

There is a family of birds that make little mud nests. Starlings maybe? Anyway one couple has been using my parent’s porch to breed the last few generations of their family. They come back over and over if the nest continues to have successful bird makings. Once the little birds get big enough they poke their heads over the edge of the nest and look at you as you go inside. The current nest is just to the upper right of the front door, so the natural door activity keep predators away.
The birds are pretty cute, and they eat bugs, but they poop a lot. There’s a gross little pile that builds up over time. So you have to wash the concrete every so often.
The bird parents get a little flustered when you go in and out, but not as much as when they first started. I guess they’re mostly sure that we don’t mean to eat their babies.