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I still haven’t figured out what setting I need to change to fix my keyboard. Whenever I tap a text field the surface doesn’t just engage the keyboard. It sits there for several seconds, if it recognizes what I’m doing at all. I know I’ve fixed this exact problem before, but I’ll be damned if I remember how. Other than that the new surface is working out just fine. In fact, it does some things so fast I’m actually finding myself wishing it was a little slower when doing some things. It recognizes most pen taps and finger motions so instantly that I accidentally do things a lot more often. Extreme efficiency is kind of an odd problem to have for me. Sometimes an image renders so fast I don’t think I’ve done it at all and end up doing it again only to be asked if I want to overwrite the image I already saved. Anyway, I’ll get it sorted out eventually. For some reason the thing wont recognize my wireless mouse at all. I very rarely need it, but I’d like it to work o the occasions I do… I may mess with it again in a minute to see if I can sort it out.
The new surface wants you to stick the stylus on the left side with a magnet. Which is very cute, but if you’re actually carrying it someplace that’s a real fast way to lose a $60 stylus. Unfortunately they don’t sell the actual Microsoft loops for the stylus anymore, only knock offs, or overpriced after market ones. Luckily I found one in the box for my extra red stylus, so I taped it on with double sided gorilla tape like on my other one & it worked a treat. Overall things are going well with the new Surface.