520 Concede.


I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but my computer has developed an odd problem.  Sometimes, for no discernible reason, it restarts.  The screen goes black, and it acts like I asked it to reboot.  I’ve done every test I can think of, run every scan, even set up a warning system…  which didn’t work.  Nothing appears to be wrong.  I have no idea what the problem is, but it’s ultra aggravating.  I’ve lost two pages to this little quirk so far.  It only happens on days when I’m really into what I’m doing and forget to save every few minutes.  Of course, the constant saving ads even more time to the laborious process of making a page, and I don’t like living with the threat of losing hours of work hanging over my head all the time.  I’m thinking there must be some problem with the power supply, but who can say?  It’s just a guess.  It shouldn’t be the random power surges we get out here.  The thing is on a giant backup battery.  I really need to figure this out. 

What say you internet?  Do you have wisdom for me?

Also, I made the banner image into two desktop images.  I’m not going to hold them hostage, but if you accidentally donated a dollar I’d be like :D .  They’re in the gallery. (The link at the bottom that says ARTS.)  I won’t insult your collective intelligence by explaining how to download them.  They’re made to fit my awesome screen.  If you really want other screen sizes I’ll make them, just tell me what the dimensions you want are.