2000 Oh Great…


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You know, this comic started out with 5 updates a week. I don’t know where that would place reaching 2000 pages in that alternate world where I was able to maintain that schedule, but I expect it would have been some time ago. I don’t remember reaching 1000 pages. At the time I suppose I thought I would always remember it. but I don’t. Chances are when if I reach 3000 I’ll have forgotten reaching 2000, but at least this blog post might still exist. I don’t know if one does for 1000. I’ve learned not to celebrate milestones since nobody I know really pays any attention to my life, or achievements anymore. There’ll be a party for the Teen’s graduation this weekend, but no one will so much as mention this. I’m long past looking to other’s for motivational recognition. I know that the people who stop by 3 times a week &/or support my work on Patreon, Subscribestar, or whatever care. I know many of them have benefitted, in some way, from my efforts. I hope I can make many thousands of more pages of this story, or if it seems right to finish it someday, that I can make another one for people to enjoy too. While I may never receive an award for my efforts I feel like I’ve made something worthy of praise. Faint praise perhaps, but I’ll take what I can get. XD

I’ve been waiting for this interaction for some time now. Since way waaaaaaaaay back. Ever since I introduced Evrina to the cast. I hope you guys get a kick out of it.

Just as a historical note, Peter Mayhew, the actor who created the role of Chewbacca passed away on April 30th. We found out today, & fans of Star Wars all over are quite sad. This tweet sums up all I feel like I needed to say, so I’ll copy it from my twitter:

Okay, I know the average person doesn’t know who Peter Mayhew is, but those kind, blue, eyes alive in Chewbacca’s face made him real. They made you belive a hairy alien could be an expert pilot, mechanic, & stalwart friend. He acted his heart out through that suit.

Punch it Chewy, all the way to heaven, you legend…