714 One Time Only.


I had a weird dream. My Mom and I were going to Japan to visit my friend Chris. Except he doesn’t live in Japan. Also he didn’t look like himself and only sounded like himself one time the whole dream. His wife was also not herself and she never even came close. She built submarines for the Japanese Defense Force out of Legos. I brought her a special rare piece in a deep bucket. We came over on a little watercraft that was sort of like a cross between a snowmobile and a jetski. It was terrible. While in Japan I saw a lot of weird products and commented that most of them could never be sold in America because they seemed to have a twisted idea about our culture. One that I remember was called Kill Whitey Chewing Tobacco, and it had a weird anime style native American stereotype image on the side of the container.

It was by a wide margin one of the least logical dreams I’ve had in a long time.