713 Wuzzles.


This page is really just a “conversation” between Agouti-Rex and I.  I’ll leave it up to you to guess who got what lines.  The Internet has many famous timesinks.  Youtube is a perennial favorite, but other choices are available.  Over time I have found almost every show or movie, saved in my mind as only a vague memory, twisted by years of perspective, on Youtube.  Productivity goes there to die, along with copyright most of the time.  Or maybe it would be better said that copyright infringement flourishes there, like mold on bread.  Many copyright holders do their damnedest to strip their intellectual property from there, but it’s a losing battle.  Youtube is a hydra.  For every video you take down two more pop up.  It’s far better to work with them; broker some kind of deal to have your content posted there so you get some sort of benefit from it.  Keeping your work secreted away only encourages theft.  Get those old shows out there so that people can find your store.  At the very least throw up some clips and a link to your DVD listings people.  Dragging your feet isn’t doing anyone any good.

Anyway, I’m not sure anyone will remember The Wuzzles.  It wasn’t that great a show to start with, but it had a catchy theme song.   Like most Disney TV outings it’s strong at first but they start phoning it in after about 10 episodes.  Of course the Wuzzles was an original idea, which is leagues better than the shitty sequel shows Disney shits out ad nauseum.

Working on one of those series must be soul crushing, because there are faint glimmers of good ideas peppered throughout most of them.  Ghostly remnants of wit stretched thin over a worn premise.

I doubt that many of you recall the Wuzzles.  To that end I provide a link.  Hopefully it will remain viable long into the future.  Each day takes this particular page further from cultural relevance, and it was already past the outskirts when it started.  The thing that appeals to me most about the Wuzzles is that everything is a portmanteau.  I love combining words together which is painfully obvious if you follow me on Twitter…