693 Emplacement.


Man, it suddenly occurs to me that I wrote this dialogue years ago. My outlines tend to be bullet points of what needs to happen with bits of dialogue, or full scenes, placed where they need to go. This interaction between Mike and Wes was written back when I wrote the Reggie stuff before I cut it into “episodes”. It’s in the original file even.

In other news…

I never played Farmville, but I heard enough to know it was a bad thing to try, and it had nothing to pull me in. The other day there was a Smurfs game from Capcom in the iPod store for a buck or something, so I got it. I was obsessed with Smurfs when I was little. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that this game is just Farmville with a Smurfs skin. Which is apparently all it needed to get me to buy in. Building my own Smurf village totally appeals to the 5 year old still hiding inside me.

You can pay more money to buy in game bonuses which is how they get you. That’s a rabbit hole I don’t intend to go down… Except you can buy Hefty Smurf’s house…

This does not bode well for out hero.