692 Credulity.


Sorry I haven’t been able to comment directly recently as much as I normally do. The site is still having a lot of issues so I’m only accessing it when I absolutely must.

The back and forth about Wes’s counter question has been fun to watch evolve at least. XD

I had a strange dream last night. It was basically being on a TV show where they filmed people avoiding getting shot by a sniper… or not. There were other “contestants” too and we were all living in a sort of valley. You had to survive for a certain amount of time and whoever didn’t get shot won prizes. It was a very pretty place to live and getting food wasn’t too hard. Not a bad time except for having to sneak every place you needed to go.

It’s one of those dreams that really doesn’t seem to have any starting point in my waking life. Makes me wonder where it came from.