694 Spring Loaded.


I remember singing that song in second grade and really disliking it. Somehow I went to the only grade school in Kansas where Halloween hadn’t had the Halloween scrubbed out of it. I hadn’t heard it sung in years but I wrote it in to this page then a couple days later Stephen Colbert sang it on his show. Guuuuuuuuh! Creepy!

When I came up with the idea of Jo springing on to the counter it brought to mind knowing a guy who could jump flat footed into the bed of a pickup. I’ve never been able to jump very high. Even less so now since I weigh as much as 2 people. I think jumping could potentially be a useful skill though. In fact, it might have been the guy who posts as Henchman 21 now that I think about it. If not I’m pretty sure he had a pretty good jump stat. Much better than mine at least…

After Wes left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth a few rounds of Brooksie & John should recharge your batteries.