683 Right There.


Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s neat that these two get along.  Even if their relationship is clearly not one of equals, at least from Thomas’ point of view.

I had a dream that was in two parts the other night.  The first part none of you would get if I tried to explain, so I won’t try, but it lead in to the second part that consisted primarily of a gameshow.  The premise was like this:  there’s a board with lots of picture tiles on it.  You have to slide pictures around and try to connect images with one another by way of trivia.  Like if there was a picture of President Obama you might try to slide it next to a picture of a map of Kansas, since his mother is from there.  Then you might slide an image of Bob Dole next to that, and maybe an airplane to another side.  The idea being that you connect as many pictures on the board to each other by way of facts as you can.  you get points for as many as you can string together.  It wasn’t too hard to slide tiles around because there were more than one empty slot, so it wasn’t like one of those traditional sliding tile puzzles.  Anyway, if you could explain all the connections and they could be verified they were removed from the board and you got the points.  If you had a factual inaccuracy the link from that point on would be broken and you wouldn’t get those points, but the next contestant could start with your unused string of correct connections.  It was a neat game to play, but very complex in some ways.