684 You Specifically.


I almost forgot what day it was because of Halloween. XD

All things considered Wes is handling Carol pretty well. People like her tend to be all talk, and if you can gain their respect they become staunch allies. Which is pretty clearly illustrated by her comments about Ed. Of course things can backfire and then you end up with a nemesis that will never cease attempting to make your life miserable. I’ve experienced both… and been both. XD

I finished Shantae the other night and was really sad about it. I wanted that game to go on a lot longer. I hope Wayforward does some more of that traditional platforming stuff. They made one solid game. Makes me wish I had been able to get the original back in the day. It would be cool if they started offering older Gameboy games for download on the DSi download thingy. I could get in to that for sure.

I’ve still been playing Dragon Quest 9. I’ve only gotten a map as high as level 70, so the challenge level is a little low. I did find a few that are rich in metal slimes though. My team is very well rounded and I can switch them around to different jobs to tackle different bosses. I still really want to get a hold of some of the other legacy maps and stuff. I’ve taken the DSi with me several time and never met a single other person with tag mode on. I fear the American midwest is just too vast…

I’ve been seeing commercials for Fable 3 that make it look really cool. I loved the first one, but never had a chance to play 2, and it doesn’t look like 3′s chances are any better. I’m so far outside the loop I don’t even know what 360 version would be best if I could get one. At this point all I know is that based on what I’ve heard the 360 is the better choice for me over the PS3. Most of the games I like the look of are cross platform, and the bulk of exclusives I like are on the Xbox. No matter how you slice it though the prices of everything seem brutal after being away from the mainstream so long.