576 Jolene The Blue.


I’m not really sure how many people I actually know still check the comic every update, but I’ll be in Garden on Wednesday the 24th.  Probably will end up at the Gamestop at around 2, your time, and then we’ll have dinner at the usual place around 5-6 ish.  Let me know if you’re going to be around.

I’ve been playing through the Gamecube Fire Emblem.  At first it was a few battles a night, but as they got more complex it’s become more like one, or less than one, a night if I screw up.  I’d be done with it already, but I restarted it about halfway through because I decided I wanted to focus on other characters.  Of course, no matter what you do you can’t see every support conversation without playing a bunch of times.  Unless I’ve done something wrong at least…  I’ve missed out on Ike and Elincia’s ones though because I didn’t think to save any conversation slots for them.  X<  I’m hoping you can save them up on subsequent playthroughs…  I understand if you play the hard mode the ending is different.  These reports are unconfirmed.  I’d like to see whatever ending is the “real” one.

You can transfer information from the Gamecube version to the Wii game.  I didn’t know this before, but now I’m obsessed  with having the best save data ever on my Wii game will be extra cool.  The downside to this obsession is that it’s making my replay things I wouldn’t necessarily.  I mean I already play halfway through and started over.  This can’t end well…

That said, the story is awesome.

I’m wondering how many people are going to understand the connection between the title and what happens on the page.   It reminds me of a guy I worked for once who was really interested in LOTR and knew a lot more about Radagast the Brown that I thought was necessary.