678 Diversity.


Okay, so if you wanted a Hipsters Ruined Irony shirt you can get them in the shop.  I had a friend design a better looking version of it than appears in the comic, because I’m terrible at that sort of thing.

I had a dream last night that took place in a familiar location.  It’s like a combination of hotel school boat that would really have a hard time existing in reality.  I have no idea what the main part of the dream was like, but the end took place in what was, essentially, a diving bell.  I’ve actually been in this dream device before.  It’s about the worst designed diving bell a mind has ever come up with.  It travels through a tube, with no lights, to the sea floor where nothing is to see.  It’s barely big enough for two people and you have to stand up the whole time.  There’s also no air tube.  Once you hit the bottom it often tips over sideways and you are left with a tiny bubble of air for the ride back to the surface, which takes 20 minutes.  Why a person would make such a thing is really beyond me.  How they could then convince me to get in to it is also a mystery.  In this particular version of the dream I rode down to the bottom with a girl I didn’t know.  We stood back to back, up to our waists in cold water, as dictated by the terrible design of the bell.  Of course when we hit bottom the damn thing tipped over because she was shorter than me.  Then we rode back up with water up to our chins.  I woke up before we got there.  A stupid and unpleasant dream by all accounts.