679 The Risks.


Jo’s last line is one of those that sounds like it comes from a specific movie, but it doesn’t.  I’m sure I’ve heard it more than once in film before.  If anyone can shed light of the first usage of something similar to this feel free.  I’d love to know the trivia.

I got a chance to see How To Train Your Dragon finally.  Dreamworks is pretty scattershot about film quality, but this one I liked very much.  In fact, I liked it better than bootblacking, and I like bootblacking very much.  Unfortunately since this is a good movie I fear Dreamworks will run it into the ground.  Hard.  Like they’re trying to attack the Pentagon.  Maybe not with merchandising, but with sequels.  The toys are actually pretty half assed.   No female characters, of course.  Which is a shame since Astrid was clearly the most effective fighter in the group, and important to the story.  Be that as it may, if they did a good job I would welcome more from that franchise.  If they intend to take a Shrek on it I would just as soon hope they not bother.