667 We Have Reached An Accord.


You almost get the feeling this outcome was what Ed wanted all along…

My host is having intermittent problems again today. Hopefully they will soon have it all sorted out and I can go back to never thinking about them. This is the second time I’ve tried to set up this post unsuccessfully.

I went on a hunt for a can of green Play Doh the other night. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, but the relative quality of Play Doh products has deteriorated in recent years. The cans are the same price I remember, but smaller. I wasn’t after any “sculpting tools” but I noticed that those too lacked a certain sturdiness. Maybe I’ll find less discouraging items in an actual store. online retailers clearly aren’t too worried about staking their claim in the ultra profitable play Doh market.

I did see that a perfume is available made to smell like Play Doh. Any single ladies looking to ensnare this chunky artist would do well to apply it to strategic locations if the chance should arise to meet me in person. Powerless to resist I would be.

Although if Play Doh scent is unavailable being fruit flavored would do in a pinch. I detest flower scents, and pretty much anything other than fruit smells. Coconut, would work too. Now that I think about it I wonder what all odors are available. I should look them up sometime…

A perfume that smells like disinfectant would be good for conventions. That way you could at least smell like you aren’t a plague carrier.