668 Scott’s Principle.


My obsession with scarves is well documented in these pages. Had I given totally in to it every character would have one as part of their outside gear. I was able to restrict it to the twins. I believe this is the first time Jess has been seen in her full outside clothing in color. Most every character has a long coat because you just can’t get away with a cape these days. I’ve long lobbied for their return, but there you go. The world simply isn’t prepared to return to the time of epic capes.

I had a weird dream this morning. I don’t remember it well because I got distracted and forgot to remember it. All i remember now I getting really angry over something and bashing a bunch of stuff with a golf club, or croquet mallet, or some such thing. It was at some kind of dinner held in a convention hall. Everyone was eating at those shitty fold up tables with the plastic tops.