666 Torment.


I’ve had a couple of dreams lately, and I remembered them at the time, but they were scary so I made an effort to forget them. Which is fine on an emotional level, but it does delete content for potential posts later. I was going to talk about an article I read but now I can’t find it.

I’m still playing Dragon Quest 9, and I still haven’t come near any other being that had tag mode on. I think Nintendo should have considered the size of America relative to the size of Japan and made some kind of provision for those of us trapped in the wastelands.

I watched the final Urusei Yatsura movie the other night. It was the highest quality animation since the second one. The story was also good and felt like it wasn’t just fanfiction. It had a typical non-ending though. Nothing resolves, but there were a few good moments where the cast expressed their feelings for one another. I don’t know if that’s really where all media concluded for the series, but if it was I think it was a satisfactory close. As satisfactory as you get with Rumiko Takahashi it seems.