648 Madness.


This page is going to absolutely ruin the site layout.

Whenever I change a scene, like from the previous page to this one, there’s a part of me that wants to stick in comic book style direction.  I thought about sticking a little box of text in the upper left corner that read “later”.  I ended up not doing it though because I convinced myself that every human reading my work would be exceptional enough to put together the visual clues and realize, without my nudging, that it was, in fact, later.  Later enough that the more industrious of the twins managed a pair of pants and a shirt.

This whole section was written very differently a long time ago.  In fact, it ended pretty fast, but when I sat down to cement the dialogue Jess resisted.  She refused to play the scene in a manner untrue to her character.  I had to rewrite the whole thing to suit her.  She kept doing it over and over.

Other characters have done this in the past, but Jessica resisted more pronouncedly that any other to this point.

Those of you who don’t write may think this sounds insane.  On some level it probably is.  The thing is, when you make a character you take part of yourself and your experiences and separate them out.  A little part of you begins to exist apart from you.  Over time, as you create, they begin to exhibit a will of their own.  They begin to resist things that are out of character.

It is through this phenomenon that I have begun to understand how a person could think that God has a plan for everything while still maintaining free will.