1578 Enter The Gladiators.


These two… They are not operating on the same level.

Maddison is one of my least book smart characters. Not maliciously, she’s just slow and a bit simple. She tried hard in school, but just couldn’t remember things, or understand them the way other people do. It makes her harder to write for because I find people who don’t think the way I do very frustrating. Maddy is different from the average below average person in that she knows when she doesn’t understand something she should let people know. She knows she is slow and therefore isn’t that dangerous type of slow that thinks vaccines cause Autism, for example. When she encounters something she doesn’t understand she will generally seek out someone to help her understand. If that fails she listens to their advice. That’s extremely rare. Most ignorant people are also arrogant, which is one of the worst combinations of traits. They think they know everything and cause problems by holding to their incorrect beliefs. no amount of data can persuade them that they are wrong. I try to be humbly ignorant and seek out experts when I don’t know something. When someone brings up a subject I’m unfamiliar with I don’t try to bluff my way through the way I did when I was young. There’s very little to gain by doing so in the long run. Climate change, for example, if something I don’t truly understand. Certainly not in the way most people pretend to. I don’t understand the data even if you showed me all of it. So I put my faith in people who have studied it for a long time and have nothing in particular to gain by lying about their results. I find that people are almost always willing to share all of their knowledge with you if you ask.
Maddison would be one of the most confident characters when presented a baby to look after. She’s the kind of person who instinctually knows how to care for others. Thomas, on the other hand would be petrified. The gravity of holding another human life in his arms would make him nervous. Maddison isn’t less valuable as a human because of her inability to grasp deep concepts. She can still do important things even if she isn’t curing cancer. It generally said as an insult, but the world needs ditch diggers too. The fact that we devalue manual labor is one of the reasons that America is falling apart right now. We need plumbers and carpenters. You may be able to give a dissertation on philosophy but that isn’t very useful when the bathroom is flooded and I want to have a pee.

My allergies are so bad right now I can hardly stand it. My eyes burn, I’m dizzy, my ears are leaking goo. It is no good. All of the various allergy things make me feel bad in a different way, so it all ends up being a choice of poisons. When my eyes are dry and puffy it really affects my perception of reality. I’m more prone to depressive thoughts when my allergies get bad like this. I also don’t sleep properly which adds to the whole mess. Apparently there’s simply nothing that will help me in any significant way. I just have to live with it. My nasal rinse helps a little but I can’t constantly use it, so it’s only good for brief times of relief. At this point even eye drops don’t help very much. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s so much corn, or its proximity to the house, or what. It may have nothing to do with it at all. In any event it all makes it very hard to focus on what I need to get done. I’m on the verge of trying insane cures if for nothing other than the placebo effect.

Teen Corner
twas the night before senior year and the teen was wondering about restless and worried as always. her backpack full of binders and books galore, practically ripping at the seems. her outfit carefully planned after a modeling session, everything was set and ready to go but the teen was nowhere near prepared…..hello my lovely fans. school starts tomorrow obviously and I am already sick of it. I’m not ready to get up early and I’m not ready to go to bed. I would rather stay up binge watching one tree hill like usual. my friend sofia also known as rainbow dash decided to drive down from Kansas just to hang out with me god knows why she would want to tolerate me but she brought me pizza so its cool. ive been in a really bitchy mood all day simply because I didn’t get the score I needed to pass my accuplacer and I’m really disappointed in myself. I’m going to continue taking the test and hope to pass it but I only have less than a week to do it so wish me luck.and wish me luck on my first day of senior year I hope it goes well I would write more but it is approaching my bed time.
now special guest writer rainbow dash.
Hello, it is me; Rainbow Dash. Luckly for me I do not go to school anymore, so yay. I do work, on occasion when they decide to schedule me. Kansas is pretty fun, my home town is full of people I decide to not associate myself with. I would go on but who wants to listen to that? I am leaving soon and as the teen said her bed time is approaching. Live life to the fullest. To next time my friends.