1577 Withered Corpses.


As far as Mike is concerned this trip went even better than he had hoped. Which is probably why he didn’t actually have a plan for getting what he wanted. In my experience nerds are generally down to play at any time. They’ll give almost anyone a shot, but if you don’t match you’re out. As long as they can find a non confrontational way to let you know. On the other hand you also get the tactless style that tells you straight up if you’re no longer wanted. My guess is that Rulette is the latter. Not afraid to tell it like it is, possibly to the point of maybe not understanding the feelings of other people the way some of us do. She’s learned to live with that problem, if it exists. She’s aware that she can be abrasive, so who knows? In any case, Mike and Ed have a shot at getting some real table time. Who would be the best people to share that with?

It was cool last night. Cool enough that I drove to town in my no AC truck with the kid and got some food and whatnot. It was even pretty cool outside earlier. Maybe the seasons are changing and it’ll be temperatures I can exist in again now. At least after the sun goes down. Mom is still in witchita with grandpa and me not being able to do things in daylight has made it very hard for the teen to prepare for school. Dad has had to take her various places, which is a real bother for him since he’s always busy. I’m going to try and see about getting my AC fixed, along with the windsheild and wiper sprayers. although I expect that if the AC gets fixed it will reveal that there are problems connected to the rest of it that need addressing. My truck has never worked very well if you run the climate control at all. It’s perfectly fine as long as you don’t want to alter your temperature in any way. As soon as you turn on the climnate control you can feel the power drop. The truck strains at it. I don’t know exactly how the various systems are connected, but they are. One of the fans is also messed up somehow and you can hear it grinding if you activate it. When I wasn’t sick I just sucked it up and was whatever temperature the world said I had to be. Now I can’t live that way. Apparently there’s a guy in town who can do stuff relatively cheap, but I’ll still have to save up just in case. I’ve had to buy a lot of groceries this month, so the well is lower than usual. I would have just bought the kid her school stuff online, but she’d so picky about everything it’s nearly impossible to do. Just talking about backpacks nearly resulted in a fist fight. I was a fairly low maintenance kid. Whatever bag I got was what I got and that was pretty much it for the year. No character bags or whatever. Branded stuff doesn’t last so we didn’t get it. My locker was, without fail, in a corner someplace that was insane to try and get to. So I carried everything I needed in my bag all the time. People act like that’s such a trial now, but honestly it was probably the best exercise I got throughout school. I could whip the thing around like it was nothing. I doubt I could even lift the thing now.
Apparently they changed the rules so you can’t carry all your stuff anymore. I think that’s dumb but I suspect they’re worried about someone bringing in heavy artillery and killing everyone. Since this is Colorado, and the entire state seems filled with gun loving drunks I guess that’s fair enough. I can’t express how nice it was, by comparison, not to have to spend all my time in school thinking about what the best escape route was if there was an active shooter scenario. I mean I did that sometimes, but it was just for fun instead of being an actual thing I potentially needed to know for survival. When I was in school kids killed themselves and not each other, which we should try to get back to. We need more crippling depression and less sociopathic narcissism. If we have to choose.
In any event I hope fall is on its way so I can have a little more freedom until it’s straight up blizzards. I also want to get back to selling off stuff I don’t need anymore. Trying to get to the post office was bullshit this summer.

Teen Corner
today was an adventure day, I went to dodge city Kansas with my friend, Diana and my very quiet uncle. I managed to get six pairs of jeans and two bras so it was a successful trip I would say. in my last post I mentioned my crush who is really great and I like him a lot more than I’m okay with but it looks like he will never be anything more than that. a crush. why you might ask? basically its come down to the fact that he doesn’t know if he likes me which basically means he doesn’t from what I have gathered. its a really sucky feeling cause I thought I finally found someone in this town worth wasting time on and he’s even close to my age but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. really dramatic teen times tonight huh? I kinda just wanna binge watch one tree hill and eat ice cream like the sad potato I am but I know that wont fix anything. it stupid to be upset really but you know I’m a teen and a girl. I’m in a wallowing mood really though that never fixes anything either. logically I should be focused on school rather than boys but I mean they can be so cute sometimes when they aren’t being frustrating and complicated that is. I have three days until school starts and I’m still not anymore calm than before. I’m anxious, excited, sad and a little worried. so basically I’m feeling all the feels at this moment in time. I feel like I will probably always be this way though like I’m gonna be the adult that shows up to work and ends up sobbing in the bathroom for no specific reason. like I am going to be the worst adult honestly, so look out world. one extremely overly emotional mess will be headed your way soon. love teen.