1576 Playing Dumb.


James isn’t a complete dimwit, although I think he underestimates, and/or misunderstands what kind of person Jess is. As far as Jess goes she doesn’t intend to rip James off. If her plans go well she’ll compensate him properly. If not she’ll find something to make it seem like his time wasn’t wasted. Right now though she just needs a person who has skills she doesn’t and manipulation is a tactic she knows rather than using him as an employee.
After supper I laid down for a minute and fell asleep until the alarm to post woke me up. I don’t even remember the last time I fell asleep without the mask thingy on. I didn’t even intend to really lay down I just kind of started to settle in to work on comics and when I was stretching I fell asleep. I didn’t sleep well last night. Like particularly so.
Anyway, the Teen got a partially complete Lego set from her therapist for me. It’s missing the most impossible to replace parts, but I think I’ll try and get them anyway, just to see if it can be done. I actually have a couple of parts it’s missing, but the Ninjago guy is gone and they never have those parts in the replacement thing. Maybe I’ll finally go to bricklink and see if that will work. Anyway, it’s set 70753 if you want to see what it is. It’s funny that she actually remembered because I saw that he had Lego, like, two visits ago and she said she wasn’t going to take Legos from him for my stupid collection. Anyway, it’s just funny that she actually did it.

Teen Corner

hello world that’s right I’m posting again, shocked? cause I am. I have spent the last couple days messing around with clay that Jackie had around and so far i’ve made flowers, a cat, a bear and Pikachu. I’m actually better with clay than I ever thought I was. the Pikachu keychain came out pretty good. I made it for my crush/friend. dorky I know but he likes pokemon and I thought maybe he would like it. I had sworn off boys until he came around and now I’m super into him I’m unsure of his feelings for me though. anyways I am running out of clay colors that I like and I desperately want to go buy more but I cant since me and Jackie cant go to town which is super sad. today was therapy day and the one time I actually had a lot to say my therapist kept interrupting me and not listening. he was also talking over me which was very iritating. so eventually I gave up talking to him and just let him talk. sometimes I don’t think he is a very good therapist. I have six days of freedom left until senior year starts and I still cant seem to make it to bed at a decent time or wake up at a decent time. I still need to get school supplies, a backpack and some clothes. I know, I am so prepared right? I went to the college today to take my accuplacer and walking in alone made me realize how not ready I am for my last year of highschool. I was lost and terrified though the people were friendly. I just cant believe that I spent all this time trying to grow up and now I’m there and I’m just like no I want a redo. weird, I know. one thing I am looking forward to is all the football, volleyball and basketball games this year. I came to the conclusion that I actually enjoy watching my school play. I just want to make sure I don’t miss out this year, I want to participate as much as possible and just enjoy this last year before I’m thrown into the real world. I know that graduating doesn’t mean I’m an automatic grown up but it just makes me look back and regret all the time I wasted trying to be a grown up as a kid. I know I can still adult and be a kid but it just isn’t the same.