1579 Liberry.


I’m not exactly sure what rules there are for hiring people at a private library. I know they must be available someplace, but I didn’t feel like researching them because trying to research laws is always bullshit. You get 75% of hits that are just armchair lawyers guessing, and the rest the sort of random garbage people puke up on yahoo answers. I’m not even sure if a private library even has to follow any rules for hiring people. In any case, the one Maddison works at accepts applications at the very least from the general public. Which probably filled Nina with false hope for all these years. It’s even possible that she, like most people would, assumed that it’s a public library funded by the city. It is not, as Alex explains in the section this link navigates to. Maddison pretty clearly got employed because she’s Alex’s friend and she’s not super good at doing anything that requires a lot of focus, or skill. At least not that Alex would have noticed since she values things other than what Maddison excels at. Nina would, almost definitely, be an asset to the library, but the fact of the matter is how many people does it really take to maintain what amounts to a house full of books? I’ve never seen a library with more than 4 obviously active librarians. I haven’t even been in a library since the 90s that I can remember, so I have no idea if this has decreased or not. The three known employees of the Marbleton library are Alex, her mother, and Maddison. I’m not sure how many others there would be. I know at least a few of you are librarians, so feel free to inform me if you have the time and inclination.
In any event, it’s clear that Nina harbors some ill will over the whole affair, and learning that Maddison, who pretty clearly isn’t the sharpest knife, is employed there. This will probably cause things. All the things.

My internal clock is so completely messed up that I am sleeping at the most inconvenient times recently. The complications from my allergies have been causing me to wake up at about 2 hour intervals, and I’m not getting very good sleep in that time. I often wake up disoriented and out of sorts, which persists for quite some time before I can actually function properly. It’s very frustrating. I don’t think that worrying about my grandpa and grandma have helped anything either, but what are you gonna do, you know? In some ways I’ve been feeling better than I have been and in others not as much. I feel like i’m getting better overall at least, so that’s something.

Teen Corner
I survived my first to days as a senior. It feels so weird knowing that this is my last year, my last first day, my last back to school assembly and so on. The school paid for new lockers so that maybe the students would use them and just about everyone has trouble opening them. They are fairly difficult even for lockers but they do look nice and have a good amount of room in them. we chose our next drama production today its called “The diary of a wallflower” I actually sorta chose it and everyone liked it so score for me. it is an actual drama rather than murder mystery or comedy like we always do so I am pretty excited. Our scripts are already ordered so we will have them in a few days hopefully. I also got senior director in drama which basically means I’m my drama teachers second in command I’m supposed to help keep everyone on track and basically tell them to shut up and work so that’s cool. adjusting to my new sleep schedule has been rough I am incredibly tired but after awhile I will probably get the routine down again. it is weird because my school decided we would have Wednesday and Thursday and then we are off Friday because we never have school on Friday so it was a fairly short 2 days and now I have the weekend for whatever yay. I am taking my accuplacer test again tomorrow or Saturday so wish me luck with that. if I pass I will be in college comp. instead of English 12 if not the English 12 it is. I am also in college government and speech then next semester I will be in college psychology and geography so my plate is a little full but free college classes are an obvious bonus and I’m taking advantage of it. hopefully I will pass with flying colors. everyone always talks about senioritious and I never really thought it was a thing but it is because I can already feel it setting in these last 2 days. but it will not be an excuse I plan to work hard and do my best regardless. I plan to cherish every last high school memory left, I’m going to all the home games for all sports and going to all the dances and anything else there is. I don’t want to miss out on anything this year. I’m honestly stoked for this year even if it is pretty scary. I cant wait to get to work on this drama production, I’m shooting for a lead role as always. I might even try out for honor choir on top of being in regular choir. this weekend will be full of studying, a little homework and then possibly a trip to the movies to see suicide squad or lights out or even better both. speaking of studying I should get back to that or rather start it since I passed out as soon as I made dinner for my uncle and I.