649 Dickey Kong.


For the record, I only kind of hate Donkey Kong.  For whatever reason he always seemed to have it in for me in Mario Kart DS.  In Mario Kart Wii I seem to recall hating Funky more.  In any event the moral is never trust a monkey.

I really disliked the SNES Donkey Kong.  Country just didn’t do it for me.  In fact no revamped DK title did until Mario VS Donkey Kong.  He was tolerable in other games, like golf or what have you.  Games where he and that bastard Diddy weren’t the focus.  I did like DK in Smash Brothers though.  Smash Brothers bought it back for me.  Now DK and I have more of a friendly adversary relationship, rather than me just hating him outright.  Diddy Kong can still suck it though.  His super in Brawl is annoying as all get out.