581 Same Coin.


Alright, it took forever but I now have the ULTIMATE Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance save file.  It’s not going to do a huge amount for me early on, but as Radiant Dawn progresses I’ll be glad of it.  If my first lame attempt at Dawn is any indication I should be entertained till well after the new Pokemon remakes appear.

I played Fire Emblem so much that it actually managed to infect my dreams.  My brain was clearly trying to give me some typically weird scenario, but it was all mixed up in turn based combat and grid tactics.  That’s actually pretty rare.  The things I do don’t usually have an obvious affect on my dreams unless I overdo it right before bed.

I got to see Ponyo.  As expected it was pretty good.  Very kid oriented, but something a parent wouldn’t mind having to watch a million times if a child became obsessed with it.  At least that would be my guess.  Anyway, I enjoyed it and I’m pretty childish.