568 Better Nature.


Okay, Intragalactic has been on the links page for a while now, but I haven’t taken the time to actually talk about it because I still haven’t been able to find the time to read it up to the current page.  I don’t like to point people at something I haven’t completely read, but who knows when I’ll have enough minutes in a row to finish.  Still, I feel safe recommending it to you guys though.  I’ve known OF the artist for years and now enjoy the distinct honor and pleasure experienced by being able to drop the OF.  (That is a very complex sentence.)

It’s funny and smart the way most sci-fi comedies WISH they were, in big, capital letters that infer a level of promise you just don’t get in the lower case.  Also, sometimes there’s nakey! They don’t make an emoticon smiley enough to convey how pleasing this is to me.  This one will have to try, fail, and eventually kill itself because of its woeful inadequacy. (:])

I have a feeling that when I do get to the end of the archives I’m going to wish there was more to read.  Every time I have to stop I give serious consideration to ignoring my obligations but, as we know, that way lies madness.  Madness in the form of cranky people who’ve grown accustomed to reading my nonsense 3 times a week.

In all seriousness, Intragalactic is the kind of thing I WISH I understood how to make.   It’s what I strive for.  When I read it I’m not only entertained but, as an artist, I feel like I’ve learned for having seen it.  I can give no higher compliment.