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Comic Vote

Many years ago someone started a Top Web Comics account for Between Failures, but it wasn’t me. I found it at some point and was like “Fine, one less thing for me to do”. The link came here so it was all good. Whoever started it abandoned it in 2012. I couldn’t get control of the account after that for various reasons, but the other day on twitter I mentioned it to their account & they worked with me to give me control of the account. Point being that I can change the incentive image. Honestly I don’t know if using their service actually gains me new readers, but I know at least 500 of you vote for me regularly. I think it would be interesting to see how high we could go. The image I loaded is very large & from the Patreon. You should be able to manipulate it in whatever way suits you to make it into a wallpaper, or whatever. I’ll change it every so often. Anyway, the link above named “comic vote” is the one in question.