508 Complexities.


I’m surprised I spelled the page title correctly on the first try.  O_O

You know, I enjoyed the Star Wars prequels.  While other nerds shed rivers of tears over Jar Jar Binks I enjoyed the new movies for what they are.  That being said, I think it’s time to stop treating Star Wars products like spun gold.  They keep parsing out little 4 episode discs of the Clone Wars cartoon.  Maybe the ones holding George Lucas’s leash can sense that the age of super Star Wars fandom has been forever crippled by where the franchise has gone, so they are loathe to let it slip quietly into that good night.  It’ll be years and years before they can start leeching cash from the kids who’ll remember it fondly that are watching now.  The money must be hoarded away so they can survive the dark times until then, as they hibernate in their caves of ice.  Of course I could be completely wrong and they’re just releasing cheap sets so that kids can buy them a little at a time.  Since episodes of Clone Wars are SO much better than other kids shows you could never release them all as a set for $20.  That’d be insane.