507 Scout’s Honor.


A couple of times recently when my Mom has seen me she’s asked why I have my sad face on.  Of course I didn’t realize I had it on because I wasn’t particularly sad.  It’s making me self conscious because now I’m afraid that my default face has become my sad face, so my head no longer matches my emotional state.  How is anyone going to know what I’m feeling if my emotions don’t match my face?  Pretty soon no one will care if I look sad because I always look that way.  It’s like I have the face that cried wolf. 

The thing is that if I try to make my face match my emotional state then I have to examine what I’m feeling at any given moment, then try to decide what face best fits.  Of course when I try to make a face that I think matches an emotion I just end up looking disturbing.  My natural smile is warm, inviting, dare I say, sexy?  In contrast the smile I make when I’m thinking about smiling just screams geography teacher.  (The most rapey of all the teachers.) 

I’m considering making up little tags I can hang on my clothes that express, in no uncertain terms, what emotion I’m feeling.  Unless, of course, I’m feeling uncertainty.  Something like ‘hello, my emotion is _____” stickers, get me?  I guess I could just use Post-Its for now and if it looks like there’s a market for them I can go into mass production.