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The Teen had a choir concert on Monday, so her sister came to see it. After it was over the Teen convinced her sister to stay the night. I was enlisted to watch a movie with them, which ended up being The Hunger Games. It wasn’t particularly bad. Certainly watchable at any rate. You just can’t trust the internet for perspective on movies anymore. I’m not saying there weren’t things wrong with it, but the level of shit I heard it getting was far worse than the actual product. I felt like I was supposed to care more about the tributes, but there was never enough time spent on any of them other than the main two for it to really stick. It was another movie where I felt like people who read the book were going to get more out of what was going on.

The Hobbit is like the antithesis of that kind of filmmaking. The cast is so blank they were dumping in shit left and right. To the point that they’re getting 3 movies out of it? two maybe? Whatever. The dwarves in the book are about as memorable as a list of names, apart from Thorin and maybe a couple of others. In any case it’s a significant departure from the source. Arguably.

I was originally perfectly happy to let Dawn and her husband bugger off back to Texas in the original draft of this story. Now, of course, they are going to be around and Dawn doing this makes sense. There’s basically zero chance of Mike hiring her, or him, but by law you can’t refuse an application to someone. At least that’s how it was last time I checked.