431 Jenny, Jenny.


Well, here we are, my birthday.  33 years I’ve lived now.  It’s been… 

Yes.  It’s definitely been.

Anyway, I still don’t know how my actual birthday went, since I write these in advance.  

 So I had a dream so real it totally freaked me out.  It took me a couple of hours before I settled down.  It was far more unpleasant than being out done by Kris Straub to be sure.  I woke up completely convinced that this dream had really taken place. 

It started with me hanging out with The Joey, and C-Hutch.  We were just goofing around in a Target store and then some people I used to know started giving us shit.  Eventually they gave up, since there was no way to best us verbally.  Then when we got outside they stopped us in the parking lot.  It’s a real place where you’re sort of away from people, so no one noticed when they pulled a gun on us.  Also their van blocked the view of the security camera.  Just by an accident Joey managed to swipe the gun from the one dude.  So then they were standing there, and we were trying to decide what to do, then Joey passes me the gun.  As he’s handing it to me it fires and hits one guy right in the heart.  So we’re freaking out, and I’m trying to figure out where the safety is, then it goes off again and kills the other guy outright. 

Now, at this point I’d like to say that everything seemed completely realistic in this situation.  Even though several things didn’t make sense my brain was forcing a me to believe everything going on was completely logical and normal. 

So we’ve accidentally killed two guys, even though Chris never touched the gun technically, and we all agree to just wipe the prints and drive away.  It totally looks like these to fools killed each other.  The one killed the first guy then turned the gun on himself.  So we agree never to speak of this again and just drive away. 

Time passes.

We end up back at the store again, and everything is cool, except I’m starting to go crazy from guilt.  Misplaced guilt, but guilt none the less.  The this security guard starts hassling us about this double shooting that happened ages ago.  He remembers us getting in an argument with those guys, who were his friends, and he thinks we set the whole thing up to look like it did.  We’re all “whatever, crazy person!” but secretly it freaks us all out.  This is about the point where I wake up. 

(as a special note to The Joey:  The security guard was played by a certain someone who really, really, likes baseball.  I’m sure you know who I mean.) 

So I wake up, completely out of my skull.  It takes a long time for my waking mind to sort out the factual errors and realize how silly the whole scenario is.  Still, I nearly called Joey & Chris, just to be sure.  It was not the best morning that day… 

Anyway, that’s about all I can think of now.  I’ll see you guys later.  Thanks for all the emails.