1139 Mentalist.


I am laying on the floor in the teen’s room. we are watching Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Brown dog is laying here with me, wallowing on me periodically.

the teen had a breakup today and is distracted, which is saying something since she is perpetually distracted by her phone. (Also shiny objects.)

I have not figured out how to get the second player character to save on Borderlands. In spite of this I had fun playing it with the teen. I’m not so sure about her, but whatever. It’s actually an FPS I can stand to play.

Any of you who play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I’m looking to catalog the Spooky series as fast as possible. If you want to swap items let me know on twitter, or whatever. Twitter has my friend code listed in my profile. You can leave yours here, blah blah, blah…