1140 She Might.


Like all villains, Jess can’t help telegraphing her intentions. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a cat to stroke, just that huge book.

I really want to talk about this interaction between them, but feel like it will give away too much if I do. Plus it’s not over, so the full canvas isn’t here to discuss. In any case this will probably not do anything to help Jessica’s reputation with people who already are disposed to not liking her. I, however, am very pleased with where she’s going as a character and with what the future holds her and because of her. Many happy accidents have helped further shape her personal arc, which will enrich the story as a whole.

Her doppleganger in the Adventures Of Julius Drywood is also a lot of fun. Once I get around to having that available I think you readers will also enjoy her and her brother’s exploits in that magical land. There’s not enough hours in a day for all this, I tell you. (especially since the Teen requires an insane amount of looking after.)

Even now I am supposed to be watching another movie. It’s some kind of Kung Fu monstrosity that doesn’t intrigue me in any way. I think it’s called Forbidden Kingdom. It was either that of watch Invader Zim for the billionth time. While I certainly do love that show there comes a point with all things where a person feels like they’ve seen it enough. The Teen is not at that point yet. I really need to lobby for the continuation of Doctor Who. If I can just get her past #9 I feel like #10 will hold her attention, which would be great because right now her attention span can only be measured in nanoseconds.

Borderlands still won’t let a second player log in. I feel less dumb because it’s apparently a common problem, but so far nothing anyone has told me to do to fix it has worked. I can’t sign two accounts in on my 360. It’s one at a time only. I feel like it wasn’t always like that, but I can’t find a setting to change it, or whatever it is I need, anywhere. In any case, I’m enjoying the single player stuff at least. The teen isn’t happy unless someone is dying every two seconds (because of that attention deficit thing I mentioned earlier.) So sneaking up on dangerous foes rarely goes well… Tactical combat is not her forte at present. Right now our tactics involve a lot of running and screaming.