392 That Which Has No Soul.


I had a really strange dream.  Well, compared to the stuff I normally dream about anyway.  I rarely dream about reality.  It’s usually crazy past times, or future times, or random insane fantasies, but the other night I dreamt about something that was really realistic in some ways.

I found a book lying in my room that I didn’t recognize.  I picked it up and realized that it was a graphic novel I had drawn and written, except it was really good.  I hadn’t drawn or written any of the stuff in it though.  So I looked at the publishing information and it has been printed IN THE FUTURE!  (OOOOOOWEEEEEEEOOOOOOOO!  MINDTAKING!)  So I ended up taking it to show my Mom. 

 She was all “When did you have time to do this?” 

And I was like “I didn’t.  It’s a temporal anomaly!  It was printed in the future.” 

Then she said “Well, you should try to memorize what’s in it so that when you actually do make it you’ll already know what you were going to write.”

So I was like “That’s a really good idea…  But doesn’t that create a paradox?” 

And she replied “I don’t know.  I don’t care for science fiction.” 

She handed me the book and I woke up just as I was starting to open it again…