393 Mind What Has None.


I’ve seen a few things about the live action Dragonball movie, and they’ve all been so awful that I’ve nearly convinced myself that they have to be faked.  It seems impossible that you could take an idea so good and manage to turn it into a crime against humanity.  Of course I thought the same thing about the Resident Evil movie…  In the end I guess it doesn’t matter if it sucks or not.  The manga and cartoon stand well enough to survive even the worst Hollywood can do to the franchise.  I mean it’s been over for years but it’s still a huge part of world culture.  I’ve seen new collected volumes of the comic in Wal-Mart.  If the movie completely blows little kids will still be able to find the source material.  Then they’ll see how good it is and wonder why people were allowed to rape it.  Which will lead to the lynching of those responsible.  This is all speculative, of course, and I liked the new Indiana Jones movie, so my opinions can’t always be trusted.