380 How Grand.


I’m glad I’m not a rabid Star Trek fan.  When I saw the new trailer I didn’t have to go through a range of emotions like a real fan would.  I was able to just enjoy it with my limited knowledge of the original series. 

Strangely enough Tivo has been bringing me old Trek to watch every so often.  It’s almost got me convinced to actually start watching it in earnest.  I wonder if watching more of it will make me like the new movie less.  I’m guessing no. 

I went through the rabid fan syndrome when Transformers: Beast Wars came out.  Eventually I put aside my preconceptions and realized that Beast Wars was really cool.  I’m slightly less opposed to changes to the formula, when it comes to my favorite shows, now.  Still, I can understand where hardcore Trek fans are coming from.  The new is scary.