759 Is It.


I’m getting close to the end of my first play through of Mass Effect. It seems as though I have managed to tank every possible romantic subplot. Art imitating life as it were. I’ve been a pretty good boy, but broke some rules here and there, just so people know I can’t be tamed. I’m a loner Dottie, a rebel.

I don’t enjoy playing games that allow moral choices as bad. I just lose interest. I don’t play every situation as totally good, but being evil just doesn’t appeal to me. It just makes me feel bad. In Fable 2 & 3 I did some evil stuff at the very end of the game, or on save files I was going to abandon just to get achievements, but even in a fictional setting being cruel makes me physically ill.

In Mass Effect I did some evil stuff that I had no idea the game would read as evil. Because based on my internal compass they were moral. Even after the fact I still thought I was in the right, but the game doesn’t give you any way to appeal your case. XD