381 99 Ways To Die.


I don’t mean to turn the blog portion of the comic into a dream journal, but it’s something I feel comfortable talking about that more people can identify with me about than random video games I play.  That being said, there are, of course, some dreams that will never make it here.   The one I’m about to relate was almost one of those, but I felt like it spoke about something very deep in me and the things I create.

This dream was about a girl I had a crush on many, many, years ago.  I ran into her at a sort of antique shop, flee market, kind of place.  We spoke to each other for a long time about things I won’t relate here.  The kinds of things you speak to someone about when you’ve lived your life fully believing that you would never see them again.  Eventually we finished browsing in the shop, and in our shared past I guess, and stepped outside.  It was cold and I could feel it penetrating me.  Or perhaps it was the a profound sadness I felt as I said good by; knowing, as I did the first time, that it was unlikely I would ever set eyes on her again.  I turned and began walking away.  Just before I sank into my thoughts she spoke one last time.

“You were s’posta kiss me, idiot.”

Before I could turn around I was falling into myself.  I opened my eyes to the darkness of my room.  In that moment I knew something I hadn’t before…  I had given Carol her voice.