376 Thousand Points Of Light.


Did I use this title before?  I can’t remember. 

Here’s another dream:  In this one I was working in a store I used to work at, but they had decided to sell exotic sea creatures.  I was annoyed because I knew that no one in Kansas was going to want a shark, or a killer whale.  The managers were totally convinced that it was going to work and we all had to be trained in handling fish and stuff.  I was all “This is the worst idea ever” but no one would listen.  The new building looked nice though.  If it were a museum it would have done well.  Okay, it wouldn’t have done well because museums never do well, but you get what I mean. 

By the way, a user identifying himself as Yarrum, won the Halloween contest.  I replied in the forum but forgot to announce it, since I figured no one cared.  Excepting, of course, for this one man.  A man who has an intense love for baby ducks.