377 Stability.


I actually remembered a couple more dreams since I posted the last ones, but they were a little too brutal to share here, I think.  I, of course, am used to having these kinds of dreams, so I’m desensitized.  I started writing out one of them here and then stopped myself.  I was like, “this is a bit dark now that I see it on screen.  Maybe I ought not share this one”.  Then I had another zombie apocalypse dream, but it was the perfect opening for the book I want to write about zombies, so I’m keeping it to myself.  Partly because it’s brutal, and partly because it’s really long.   

I’m not sure why I have such vivid dreams so often.  It’s always been like this, and I can still remember some dreams I had when I was little too.  People used to come to me to have their dreams interpreted.  I can do that for other people, but for my own dreams not so much.  I guess dreams are kinda like faults; easier to see in others than in yourself.