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More adventures in Megaman 9:

There was a time when you could easily tell the optimum order for defeating Robot Masters.  Electricity screwed up the water guy, ice kills the fire guy, and so on.  As the games went along though it got harder to tell who was weak against what.  I mean, there’s a guy called Galaxyman.  What is the elemental weakness of a galaxy?  Is it concrete?  Is it bees?  You’d think it’d be a black hole, but no, that’s his weapon. 

I just dived in by tryng to decide what the least offensive gimick would be.  I went with Concreteman, reasoning that concrete isn’t dangerous unless someone throws it at you.  It turns out that’s exactly what Concreteman does, but I was still able to take him out.  I went along like that, making the wrong choices and finishing Robot Masters with the megabuster, for about half the game.  The first guy I beat that I actually had the correct weapon to screw him over with was Jewelman.  (They should have made Jewelman the female master, Jewelwoman, and made her weapon poetry…) 

Long story short, I still need to beat Tornadoman and Magmaman.  Now, I’m from Kansas so I know that tornadoes have no weaknesses.  Although if there was a master called Midwestman, or Trailerparkman, I’d know that Tornadoman’s weapon would take him out easily.  I know, at this point, that I have the weapon that easily kills one or the other of these two guys.  My theory is that a tornado will cool liquid hot magma, thus rendering it immobile.  I’m still not sure what weapon in my arsenal defeats tornados, but I’ll just fling stuff at him till he starts to die quickly.