1735 Fun Haters.


I’ve never actually been to one of those old pizza places that had the creepy robot performers. Even as a kid they seemed off putting though. Of course I was kind of scared of the outside as a kid. Actually… I guess that hasn’t changed a whole lot. It just seems more normal to me now to be uncomfortable there? Anyway, of course Maddison would be drawn to such a place. I’m sure they get dragged there from time to time to appease her. I Imagine Bearyfun Pizza as a branded place that failed and the new owners refitted the robots to be things they aren’t supposed to be to avoid copyright claims, so they don’t look right and are extra creepy.

I just saw a video of a game called Momodora and I super want to play it. It’s only on steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 though. I cry a million tears. It would be perfect for 3DS. I wonder if I email the developer for all eternity if they would port it…