336 The Teachings Of History.


Even though Mike is an unpopular character I still like him.  I worked with several useless managers over the years, and even though they did annoying things I still liked them as people.  To be fair, I’m not a real treat to work with from a manager’s standpoint.  I argue, ask questions, and dislike the “all for the company” mindset many green managers start off with. 

I’ve begun the quest for a forum, for those of you interested.  It’s a whole new deal for me, but really pretty much everything to do with this website is, and has been.  I spent time looking up how internet forums work, how you build one, and so on.  At this point if someone were to ask me “How does a net forum work?”  my reply would be “Equal parts internet chicanery and dance magic.”  I would then act out one of David Bowie’s dance routines from Labrynth…  Minus his deeply disturbing codpiece. 

You know what?  I’m sorry for mentioning Labrynth era David Bowie.  Let’s scrub our collective minds by thinking of his co-star Jennifer Connelly as she appeared in Career Oppertunities.

Also The Rocketeer.

Oh yeah…  That’s good Connelly.