1969 Winter Summerwine.


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I struggled with this a little because I wanted to make the characters look not like their counterparts, but it got more similar the less familiar with the game they were. Mike is truly embracing things, Ed sort of is, Jess doesn’t fully grasp what she’s doing, & Jo is going by things she’s seen which aren’t great examples of roleplaying per se. I also wasn’t sure about skin color carrying over, but wanted a visual cue so people wouldn’t have to guess as much. I also only wanted them to look lever 3 or 4 epic rather than the high level media wants to default to. Over time they will look more and more capable.

I slept so poorly today that I was glad I finished the entire page early. I slept for 4 hours then couldn’t get back to sleep even though I knew I hadn’t slept enough. So when I finally drifted off I had to get up right away and felt dizzy, which is what happens when I get pulled out of deep sleep before I’m done. My body is trying to return to a nightsleep pattern because it’s been snowing so it can’t tell when exactly the sun is out, so it tries to shift itself back to that. my allergies are so bad at the moment it makes sleeping very difficult already, so the addition of a shift change has screwed up my production times terribly.