1970 Character Development.


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This is an old debate, but one that will last until the collapse of western society. In my opinion George Lucas did a disservice to the character development of Han Solo by editing the bar scene where he kills Greedo before Greedo kills him. Over the course of the films Han becomes more and more heroic and selfless, but the edit tries to make him heroic from the start. unfortunately Solo A Star Wars story pretty much seals that portrayal. Han is a good guy from day one, with very little change over time. He just gets caught up in things and rolls with it. But whatever. It seems like the world is less and less interested in redemption or growth. If you don’t spring virtuous and whole from the womb you are garbage, with no way to change your status.

In any event Rulette is a purist, likely because of her father’s influence. I suspect she saw Star Was on VHS, unedited, & that remains her version of it in her heart. Additionally I suspect she’s not interested in debating her position, and Ed is not so dense as to press the issue in spite of that intense nerd desire to correct everyone all the fucking time.

I went to the doctors today and once I got home I was wrecked. I was up from 3AM till 2PM. I’ve been sleeping from 11AM to 5PM, so my body didn’t know what the fuck to do. I had to fast for bloodwork so I was annoyed until they finally got that done as well. I’m sore and Ihurt all over. I didn’t feel like passing out or anything though. I kept upright and moving the whole time until my body finally forced me to stop being up.